Jenny Long

JENNY LONG graduated in 2003 from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at what originally was Okanagan University College in Kelowna. Before her studies at OUC, Long lived in Denmark for a year as a Rotary exchange student, which allowed her the opportunity to absorb a foreign culture and in travelling, realized her desire for visual expression. For years after her studies Long showed commercially with the Art Ark Gallery in Kelowna where she gained a strong reputation for her abstract portraits. A series of steady commissions followed + Long has since continued creating custom artwork for a multitude of clients whether in the form of portraits or pure abstraction. Her passion for painting extends to her students she teaches at BeeLong Studios + Gallery, at Legend Distilling in Naramata and within the school system in the Okanagan. She is thrilled about nurturing the growth + development of the exciting group of artists who rent studios as well as show in her bustling downtown art space.

Carla O’Bee

Carla O’Bee was born in Vancouver and raised in Penticton, BC. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education with Art Specialization from the University of British Columbia. She currently lives in Penticton with her husband Teddy and their two young children. O’Bee is known for her deep blue-and-white Cyanotype prints, as well as for her ethereal oil paintings, mixed media, and collage. Whether through stark, bright colours or soft, ghostly blends, O’Bee’s prints and paintings draw from natural landscapes and experiment with shape—she features circular canvases among her square and rectangle pieces, and she frequently incorporates cedar wood and copper into her mixed media works. O’Bee also crafts nature-inspired bronze and copper jewelry. O’Bee paints from home and from her downtown studio at BeeLong Gallery & Studios, of which she is co-owner. At BeeLong, O’Bee curates the Makers Shop as well as several rotating art shows every year. She also facilitates numerous art workshops.


I have been pursuing art ever since childhood. I have taken tons of art related classes over the years. I was able to be creative in graphic art, photography and interior design.

My choice of mediums are acrylic and mixed media as they are so forgiving and playful. My inspiration comes from nature, interior design and mixing colour.  I am not afraid to try something new.

I am so grateful to be here at BEELONG GALLERY + STUDIOS and share this space with such lovely and talented artists..

Please come in and browse around. I hope you find something that sparks your soul. If you have any comments or if you are interested in any of my art you can contact me through the gallery or by my email -


Christina Baird

Being an artist for me is about Experience, Creation & Connection. I paint to connect – to the world, life, experiences, feelings, visions, thoughts, places, memories, the visible and the invisible. When another person connects to or is touched or excited by a piece I have created, I am happy to resonate in the shared experience.I work with my photographs and paints to explore why visual experiences create excitement, awe, emotion, mystery, magic, or ah-ha moments. Creating art is an expression of my experiences; of the obligation to unfold and to be available to the creative forces; and to court the muse into open conversation.

Robin Robertson

My abstract paintings are an exploration of texture and color inspired by nature. My first art making memories are from when I was five years old and involve my father. I took the sawdust from his table saw, mixed it with flour and water and created a series of duck sculptures. Later my paternal grandma, an accomplished painter, would inspire me with her art and her being. My first adult foray into producing art was functional pottery in the 1970-80’s. Painting is an experiential journey that I began in my mid 50’s. Like the ducks that are my first remembered art pieces, birds and natural habitats are my underlying themes.

Graham Fox

Born in Exeter, England in 1957 after a largely uneventful childhood, Graham studied medicine and science embarking on a career in research science. However the arts proved too great a pull and in a change of direction he abandoned his science career and took up photography whilst holding down a series of regular jobs. At the same time Graham became a student of Zen and to this day Zen has a huge influence on all of his work. In 2002 Graham and his wife Julie moved to Canada so that Julie could pursue her career in science. Living in Calgary Graham opened an art gallery along with two other artists, selling a mix of photographs and digitally created images. Another change of direction took Graham and Julie to Oliver in the South Okanagan where they designed and built a pet boarding kennel, which they run very happily to this day.

On the art front, although still doing some photography, Graham has moved into mixed media, principally pastels and graphite combined with digital imaging. In addition to this Graham has written two books of Zen poetry, currently available on Amazon.

“I can’t emphasize enough the influence Zen has had on my work in the visual arts, it really is the wellspring from which all flows.”

Shayla Ritchie

Shayla Ritchie is a mixed media abstract painter whose work is inspired by biological shapes and forms. While her work has direct links to nature, she also combines nonorganic tools such as spraypaint to juxtapose natural and unnatural elements. Her work experiments with mark making, negative space and vivid colours to depict the chaotic beauty seen in the everyday world.

To explore Ritchie's art practice, visit on Instagram

Neil Terry

Primarily a self taught artist, Neil has studied and practised art all his life. He has taken numerous workshops and courses by both renowned and obscure artists,

Always experimenting, constantly exploring new ideas and techniques, Neil's style is hard to pigeonhole. A solo show can look like the work of several artists. While he often returns to impressionist realism, it is not unusual to find abstract or surrealistic elements in his work.

Neil's art has found homes all over the world.

Creating art is fun. It brings me pleasure and hopefully does the same for the viewer.

Mostly my methods are my own inventions, derived from years of practice and experimentation. Most of all, I trust my instincts and allow spontaneity in my work. I am not content to repeat the tried and predictable. I prefer to constantly search for new ideas and techniques.